Hypocrites & Hypochondriacs Podcast

| Mellow Mondays | Beast Size Lemonade |

May 03, 2021 Onteaya Evelina Season 3 Episode 7
Hypocrites & Hypochondriacs Podcast
| Mellow Mondays | Beast Size Lemonade |
Show Notes


This Episode came about after observing the Human Reaction at our Catering Company's Virtual Dining Concept:  MrBeast; where patrons expressed both Extreme Highs and Lows.

After hearing an account of our Team Members about people's response about their Food; I decided to record this Episode. There's an "Inner Beast" in all of us and we must not feed it!

Inner Beast: a rage mode for people who get very angry or upset. It is a subdermal and abstract concept used to describe someone who becomes aggressive after being angered.

Listen in on this Episode as I unpack how to cope with the BEAST!

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My Lemonade Recipe:

(6) Lemons ( Press firmly while rotating on the counter to Release juices )
(1) cup of Turbinado Sugar ( comes from the first Pressing of sugar cane and therefore retains more of the plant's flavor and natural molasses.)
(1) tablespoon of Raw Honey ( good for the Heart by improving Cholesterol )
(6) cups of Still or Sparkling Water ( improves Brain Function as your brain is strongly influenced by your hydration status )

Yields (6) Servings so Share with your Friend!

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